We are a reliable supplier of energy products.

We aspire to source, store and distribute energy products to meet the region and global needs.

Our products are compliant with international standards whilst meeting local regulations.

We have an experienced team of professionals handling day to day operations meeting very high international safety and environment friendly operations, our team engages in regular HSE related exercises to keep up with daily changing safety environment.

Comprehensive commodity trading experience on a global scale


Company has a vision to become a diversified transnational Integrated energy trading desk with regional leadership accompanied by strong conscience for environment, playing an important role in the energy value chain


By delivering premium service and quality products, we aim to be a trustworthy and reliable long-term trade partner with prestigious counterparties, mitigating the complex risk management & prudent financial handling of the business.

Meeting client needs in a safe, timely, and accurate manner.

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We strive to create items that always meet or exceed our clients' expectations.

When it comes to addressing your needs, we take great care and responsibility.

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