Sourcing of products from best available source using company’s resources effectively.

Managing price risk and exposures to contain market volatility

Ensuring timely and safe operations at all times

Effectively managing exposure related to INCO terms , pricing bench mark and seasonality.

Fully integrated model engaging into supply chain for cost optimization from sourcing to shipping, storing and timely liquidation for effectively managing a healthy cash flow.

Risk Management

Effective Risk Management is a core principle of Idyllic, Risk Management culture is based upon a full awareness and understanding of risks, clear accountability and responsibility, and proactive communication and escalation of issues. All functions have a key impact and every function within the business has a key role to play in the overall Risk Management of our business

Keystones of control environment comprises of full, daily, independent marking to Fair Value of every position provides the most important indicator of performance and changing risk that the company has.

Risk allocation and measurement across the company’s trading positions is as per the standard industry practice. The company generates daily risk metrics and measurements recognizing inherent market risk, Credit exposures, Liquidity and Position limits

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